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Brian and I in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Brian and I in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Hi, I’m Juliet

Thanks for stopping by. Before I tell you a little bit about myself, I want to share what I believe.

10 Second Bio

Here’s 10 facts about me:

  • I wrote Mind of the Beast and Witch Fire (coming soon) with my husband, Brian Freyermuth, and edited his novel Demon Dance.
  • Brian is the Design Director and VO Director at Steel Wool Studios. He worked on Fallout, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, WWE AllStars, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.
  • Brian was my prom date. A mortician drove us to the prom.
  • Brian and I enjoy playing card games with our son, Kyle, and our daughter-in-law, Kayley.
  • I love art in all forms. I have a painting called Van Gogh by Michael Goddard.
  • I like to read business books, urban fantasy, and snarky paranormal romance novels.
  • I watched the New York fight scene in The Avengers dozens of times so I could visualize how walls, tables, and other inanimate objects react while writing my fight scenes in our books.
  • We love to travel. Brian and I visited Paris, France for our 24th anniversary right before everything closed down in 2020. We spent most of our time in art museums.
  • I was a model for the LARP (Live Action Role Playing) book, Fading Suns: Passion Play. You find a picture of me holding a skull on page 169.

I Believe…

There is no such thing as an aspiring author, artist, musician… you get my drift. You either are or or you aren’t. Little hint, if you love doing something or really want to learn, you are.

Do you need to improve your craft? Always. That’s why I continue to take classes and read so many nonfiction books.

And that feeling like your craft isn’t good enough, or you’re not good enough, is felt by everyone. Your favorite creator thinks that way too. They do it anyway.

There is no such thing as failure. Not everything is going to be popular. Howard the Duck was the first Marvel movie. Sting, who wrote countless hits, had such a bad case of writer’s block that he gave a TED Talk about it. We’re talking about celebrities whose works are loved by millions of people. Why are you holding yourself to a higher standard than them?

There’s no such thing as a starving artist. My husband, Brian, has designed video games since 1994, starting with the original Fallout, and I’ve helped friends with resumes, self-publishing novels, and starting creative businesses since 2001. It takes a lot of work and education, but it’s possible.


Click here to read about Mind of the Beast, book 2 in the Sundancer Mysteries series.

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